Science & Health Discovery Night

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SAGE’s Science & Health Discovery Night is an opportunity for students to explore science & health in their world. More than seventy-five exhibitors representing the private sector, education, and other organizations provide engaging exhibits, displays, demonstrations, and hands-on activities.
Studies show that children ages 10-12, especially girls, can begin to lose interest in science. With the development of New York’s Capital Region as “Tech Valley,” the epicenter of technological excellence, the local employment market and economy will continue to demand increasing numbers of science, engineering, health, and technology professionals. Therefore, it is critical to the future success of our community to foster sustained interest among our youth in these areas.

Last year a Health/Wellness component was added to Science Night as a future career path and as an important lifestyle choice for our children. Children are being diagnosed with adult type diseases and health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea etc. The rate of childhood obesity has doubled over the last twenty years. Research states that today’s youth are the first generation to not outlive their parents. This is a critical matter that we as a society are morally obligated to correct. Science & Health Discovery Night will inform students and parents about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise not only to themselves, but to the community in which they live.

Now in its sixth year, SAGE’s Science & Health Discovery Night has a record of success in presenting fun and educational activities that get students excited about science and health. Last year over 2,500 people attended this event. With a focus on hands-on experience, Science & Health Discovery Night seeks to enhance students’ interest in building the future through exposure to science, technology and related careers.  Join us in an evening of active learning, discovery and exploration!

How Can I participate?

  • If you are an Elementary or Middle School Student attend this FREE event
  • If you are a High School Student, you can volunteer at this event.
  • If you are an educator or professional, you can become an exhibitor, an event sponsor, or event volunteer.

This night is for everyone!

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