Our 2012 Exhibitors

To submit a request to be a 2013 exhibitor, please sign up online using this Exhibitor Form Over 75 Exhibitors participated in last year's event in Six Sectors: Chemistry, Earth & Space, Engineering & Technology, Environmental Science, Life Science, and Nutritional Health & Wellness.

Chemistry Sector


Fun with Forensics by Shen HS Forensic Science Program Stop by our exhibit for a hands-on introduction to many of the tools used to solve crime. Test your skills at skeletal analysis, compare fingerprint and hair samples, and see how insects can be the key to solving a crime.

Molecular Ice Cream by AMRI Global  You knew ice cream was cold, but did you know it was cool too? Learn about the states and physical changes of matter by making your own ice cream.

Mad Science of the Capitol District  Join mad scientists for hands-on experiments. Have a putty pull with your friends and make a cool super ball to take home!

NOVA Science Show by The Network of Volunteer Associates (NOVA) from the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory  Watch experiments by volunteer scientists demonstrating pressure, magnetism, and forces. Experiment with static electricity with Tesla Coils and a VandeGraf Generator.

Science at SEEC--Make Slime  by Shenendehowa MS Science Department  Do you like chemistry? We’ll make real slime and create chemical reactions. SEEC is a full day summer camp for students entering 4th to 8th grades.

Small Science, Big Future! by College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering (CNSE)  Exploration of all things nano!  Learn about the high-tech workplace of the future and participate in hands-on activities that highlight the exciting advances enabled by nanotechnology research and development.

Small Science – Nanotechnology by The Children’s Museum of Science & Technology (CMOST) It’s teeny, tiny, & it’s science! Join CMOST for an intro to nanoscale technology. Learn how this new field of the tiny is really, really big!

Way COOL Science Club by Shen High School Students Student demonstrations include gases, pressure, sublimation, and chemical reactions.


A Hands on Approach to Archeology by Hartgen Archeological Assoc. Inc. Solve a riddle of the past by chronologically arranging real artifacts that you get to handle and examine for clues. Successful Junior Archeologists will get a prize!

Exploring Astronomy by Schenectady Museum and the Suits-Bueche Planetarium  Learn about the night sky, how to be an astronomer and do a fun activity.

Earth&Space Sector

NASA Theater   Are we alone in the universe? Where do we come from? NASA’s videos search for answers to questions about our solar system.

NE Cave Conservancy by NE Cave Conservancy   Learn about how caves are created and how groundwater flow is different in a cave area, or karst, like our area.

"Please Touch!" New York Minerals & Fossils by Hudson Mohawk Professional Geologist Association (HMPGA).   Meet a geologist from the Hudson Mohawk Professional Geologist Association, and learn about work and careers in the geosciences. Examine minerals and fossils found in NY, geological equipment, and photos.

Space Camp by The Learning Lab  Learn about space and how astronauts train. Build your own film canister rocket and watch it fly!

Star Gazing by Albany Area Amateur Astronomers & The Dudley Observatory  Take a look at the night sky through telescopes and talk to astronomers By 8:15,we should be able to see Saturn and its marvelous rings!

Volcano Action Outdoors! by Griggs-Lang Geology   Watch how gases trapped in magma behave during an eruption. Learn about why some volcanoes erupt and some just ooze.

Volcanic Rock: Who Knew? by Griggs-Lang Geology  Explore and touch actual volcanic eruptions from around the world! Use a petrographic scope to see volcanic rocks close up.

What is Flight?  by Empire State Aero Sciences Museum & Reps from 109th NY Air National Guard   Try out a flight simulator to take off and land aircraft, including jet fighters! Learn about flight from the staff of the Empire State Aeroscience Museum and members of the USAF 109th Airlift Wing.


3D Medical Imaging by  KITWARE   3D images—CT scans, of people, animals, even fruit! Explore the world of medical imaging. See the difference between an x-ray and a CT scan.

3D Modeling: High Def Laser Scanning by MJ Engineering   Explore how electronic 3D computer generated models of any physical surface are created from a High Definition Laser Scanner.

Arcs, Sparks, Electric Generation by GE Senior Elfuns/ Mowhawk Valley Library Association   Learn how electricity is generated. See how a VandeGraf Generator can style your hair!

Bits, Bytes & Bots-FUNdamental Technology Education by Bits, Bytes & Bots--Computer Adventures  See how stop-motion animated movies are made and how computer video games are created.

Connect a Million Minds by Time Warner Cable  Become a Time-Warner Cable engineer with hands-on “Cracking the Codes in a Wireless World.” Visit www.connectamillionminds.com for more information about Connect a Million Minds.

Engineering &Technology Sector

Frozen Fun  by RPI SWE (Society of Women Engineers)  Ever wonder what happens to certain materials when you freeze them with liquid nitrogen? Come find out the effects of extreme cold temperatures on material properties like ductility, brittleness, elasticity, and strength.

Lego Mindstorm Robots by FIRST Lego League MS Teams  Explore what you can make robots do! Watch students demonstrate robotic moves. 

Lego Club by Shen 8th Grade Students  Design and build LEGO racing vehicles by combining principles of stability, aerodynamics and weight. Win an award for the fastest time.

Magic... or Science? by  Shen Teacher How does a magician put a needle through a balloon? What about how they lie down on a bed of nails? Find out if this is really magic or maybe just some good science!

Magnets, Motors, Electricity and Motion: Magic or Science?  by Shen Teacher Build a small electric motor and learn about the science that makes it work. Explore the relationship between electricity, motors, generators, and magnets.

Middle School Future City Teams  Tour the 3 cities that competed in the Hudson Valley Future Cities Competition: Gowana’s “Coastal Hydropolis,” Koda’s “Troy 2,” and Acadia’s “Hydrotopia.”

Odyssey of the Mind by Shen Elementary & Middle School Teams OM is a competitive program which promotes creativity in problem solving through teamwork. See projects completed by Shen teams.

Odyssey of the Mind by Shen  High School Teams Learn about this innovative international competition at the high school level. Meet some of the students involved and see vehicles they have created for past challenges.

Odyssey of the Mind: Capital Region BOCES  by NYSOMA  The Odyssey of the Mind program teaches students how to think divergently by providing open-ended problems in a team setting. Learn about Regional OM projects.

Rube Goldberg Machine by Union College  Watch a demonstration of a entry in the annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contest at Union College. See how to look at a problem intuitively through the chaos of imagination to create a machine built from found objects!

Rocketeers 2010 Robot by Shen HS Robotics Team  See live demonstrations of this amazing robot they created for the Breakaway Challenge.

Shen Inventors by Shen MS &ES Students  Come see fellow students original inventions!

Smart Lighting by Rensselear Polytechnic Institute (RPI)  Join engineers from RPI to learn about the electromagnetic spectrum. See the differences between LED, fluorescent, and incandescent lights. Examine an LED under a microscope.

Summer at Rensselaer by RPI   Explore the summer camp experiences offered at RPI, including Robotics, chemistry and medicine, engineering, computer gaming, creative writing, and acting.


Discover the Albany Pine Bush by The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission   See a globally unique ecosystem in the midst of the Capital Region. Use a multi-sensory display to explore the inland pine barrens and learn what it takes to save this ecosystem from disappearing forever.

Eco Science by Research Scientist & Shen Parent   See how science is discovering ways to lessen our impact on the environment. Watch a model wind turbine, solar panel and hydrogen fuel cell create electricity. Compare energy usage of light bulbs, and see the latest LED lighting technology.

Energy Bike by Students Concerned About “R” Crippled Environment  Learn about saving energy, recycling tips, and being Earth Friendly.

Fruits of Our Labor, Like a Good Neighbor by SCARCE Club Learn how to compost and see food that is grown locally using composting techniques. Plant a seed and go green!

Greening Our Town: Pine Tree Giveaway! by Town of Clifton Park Get your FREE pine tree saplings for spring planting!  Help replenish oxygen in the atmosphere, provide visual improvement to barren areas and add noise, sound and wind buffers to our areas.


Empire State Service Dogs  Meet the puppies who are in training to help people with disabilities.  See a demonstration of their skills and talk to volunteer trainers from Empire Service Dogs.

Exploring Bio Molecules by Shen Teacher  Discover the amazing world of biological macromolecules! Life’s diversity is based on varieties of carbon compounds. See how these large complex molecules can be assembled to form life’s structures.

Fur and Feathers by New York State Museum Learn about birds and mammals of our state. Feel real animal furs, explore skulls and get up close with birds.

Hissing Cock Roaches by Five Rivers Environmental Educational Center  See preserved and live insects from around the world: big and ugly, but beautiful!

Life & Environmental Science Sector

Mix and Match Science
by The Traveling Scientist Explore Forensic Anthropology, Marine Biology, Physics, and exotic animals with Mr. Biss, the Traveling Scientist.

Mohawk & Hudson Valley River Humane Society Find out how you can help abandoned, abused, lost  and unwanted animals find new homes.

New York State Symbols by Department of Environmental Conservation   Find out all about our New York State symbols at this hands-on interpretive display. Learn about bluebird boxes and the beaver’s unique skull.

Pets as Patients by Malta Animal Hospital Learn how veterinarians care for their animal patients and how you can one day be a vet yourself.

Reptiles and Amphibians of New York by Five Rivers Environmental Educational Center Learn about these live, native and non-native creatures. All are protected by law, and some are endangered.

Scientific Illustration by Shen Teacher   Learn how art and science can be combined for those with artistic ability and scientific curiosity. See samples of botanical, anatomical, and geological artwork.

Touch Tank by Shen Teacher  Meet the creepy crawly organisms that live in our ponds.  Get down and dirty with these amazing creatures.

Understanding and Living with Vision Loss by North Eastern Association of the Blind at Albany (NABA),  Learn how people with vision loss can stay independent and active with NABAs Puppy Raising Program. Meet Larissa, a puppy-in-training to be a guide dog.


Backpack Awareness & Balance Challenge by Seton Health We’ll weigh your full backpack and then let you know the proper amount you should carry. Then, take our balance challenge!

Careers In Nursing by New York State Nurses Association  See nurses in action! Listen to your heart and lung sounds using a stethoscope. Learn what nurses do and how to become a nurse.

Community Coalition by The Shenendehowa Community Coalition  A showcase of planned and existing community programs.

Dental Health by Stephen P. Dautel, D.D.S., L.L.C.   Learn about preventative dentistry from a Dentist! Learn how good dental habits and regular dental visits contribute to overall health.

Exercise 101 by Top Form Come Learn new exercise skills in strength, agility, balance, coordination, timing and endurance using jump ladders,stability tools, and balls.

Find YOUR Career Zone by Shen Health Dept Come do a fun online interest assessment that can help kids explore which career paths might suit them best.

Food Science for Kids by Shen FACS Dept.  Come Play with your Food!  Experiment with food using simple household items and ingredients and gain valuable insight into microbiology and chemistry.

Healthy Kidneys by NKF of NENY/NEKF & Center for Donation & Transplant How do your kidneys keep you healthy? What happens if they stop working correctly? Learn how to keep your kidneys strong.

HECTORPT Sports Rehab Services by SETON Health  See a demonstration of the Biodex Balance Unit for the assessment and rehab of sports injuries.

Mushy Bread Whole Grain Sticky by Shen Food Services See the physiological difference between whole wheat and refined grains. What does a school’s nutrition department do?

Nutri Meter- A Measure of Nutrition by Price Chopper  Students and parents will learn how to use the NuVal scoring system using


"Kid preferred" easily recognized food and beverage items.  Students and parents will decide higher and lower scoring foods using the Nutri Meter.

Organ Donation/Kidney Perfusion  by Center for Donation and Transplant Learn about organ donation and see how a perfusion pump works.

Rise and Shine: Fitness in the AM
by Koda Fitness Club  helps you learn different exercise techniques to make fitness fun.

Select-Care Chiropractic, PC  Have you ever wondered why your back hurts? Learn how the movement of your spine interacts with your nervous system.

Sports Injuries in Children
by Albany Medical Center   Learn how to prevent and treat injuries with physical activity and how to stay healthy even if you don’t participate in sports.

Tae Kwon Do
by Torres Tae Kwon Do See us in action!  Learn how this martial art keeps you strong, balanced, and having fun in the process.  

Teen Talk Phone Hotline
by CAPTAIN   The Teen Talk phone hotline provides youth with an outlet for difficult issues. Shen high school student volunteers help callers talk through issues such as personal problems, teen pregnancy, and stress.

The Human Aura -- You are a Rainbow
by Atlantis Healthy Vibe Emporium 
Atlantis Healthy Vibe Emporium invites you to see your aura and what color energy is radiating from your heart.

The Odds are Stacked Against You
by Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Council of Saratoga County  See organs with cancer and 3D models of cells. Learn how doctors treat cancer and the careers that could one day end this disease.

Tobacco Use: Age Progression Simulator
by Shen Health Dept  See how APRIL® Age Progression Software displays the effects of smoking, obesity and sun exposure on a person’s appearance.  This software is also used to locate missing children and solve crimes.

What is Cancer?
Cancer Services Program of Saratoga County 
 See organs with cancer and 3D models of cells. Learn how doctors treat cancer and the careers that could one day end this disease.

Won't Be Bought
by Reality Check
See The New York's State's Youth Action Program against the tobacco industry.